wednesday with groovemasters

by ellyn & robbie

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on april 17th, 2013 jackson browne very generously lent ellyn & robbie his studio in santa monica, called groovemasters, for the day.

over the course of nine hours the two recorded all four songs chronologically on this ep.

1. kiko of greenville:::

inspired by a six month old giraffe named kiko whose streaming video from the greenville zoo in south carolina has become a nice respite from the chaos outside.
see for yourself!

words by ellyn maybe
music by robbie fitzsimmons

2. onset:::

originally written as part of a presently-incomplete five-movement suite for full orchestra. the suite, dubbed "the ages," was inspired by the "all the world's a stage" monologue from shakespeare's 'as you like it'. this, the 3rd movement, is representative of a midlife crisis. "the ages" suite is all that stands in the way of robbie receiving his official degree from the berklee college of music. he plans to complete it one day...
accompanied by a video of the recording:

words and music by robbie fitzsimmons

3. kingdoms in a city lost to time:::

our first poem epic. please commit to the entirety of the song once started. this piece requires much focus and precision on our part in order to nail it. took us 17 takes. the piece was written in a style we've dubbed "real time" wherein ellyn silently scribbles words in the same room that robbie is figuring out what musical ideas to use. at some point a read-over is attempted and the piece is honed in from there.

words by ellyn maybe
music by robbie fitzsimmons

4. up is down, down is up - BONUS work in progress:::

the first SONG ever written by ellyn maybe. up until this one it's all been poetry folks. is this the beginning of a new era for ms. maybe? maybe. ellyn heard the melody over the music robbie was playing and knew this one had to be a song. she insisted, at the end of our nine hour day, that we record it despite the fact that robbie hadn't quite solidified his musical ideas. this is what was recorded. we present it to you so that you may gain a little more insight into our process and our quirky relationship.

words by ellyn maybe
music by robbie fitzsimmons

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released May 1, 2013

wednesday with groovemasters
by ellyn maybe & robbie fitzsimmons

engineered by rich tosi
assisted by eddie santos

mixed and mastered by mitch zelezny at mix 'n master

photos by rachael rankin

video shot and edited by brian davis

special thanks to jackson browne for giving us this opportunity!

also thanks to our friends thomas ciszek, kevin murphy, jonathan aiello, nate gonzalez and our loving families.

so happy to have you all on our team!

recorded wednesday april 17th, 2013 at groovemasters studio in santa monica, ca



all rights reserved


ellyn & robbie Los Angeles, California

ellyn & robbie join forces to create a fusion of poetry and music.
Collectively, these performers have played venues from the Acoustic Stage at Glastonbury Festival in the UK to Sunset Strip iconic clubs.

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Track Name: kiko of greenville
::kiko in greenville::
words by ellyn maybe

a million saw you fall into the world
sleeping 5 minutes dreaming the symphonic horizon
earth cam made you an incredibly adorable superstar

kiko in greenville
you have a twitter account
born in autumn to a giraffe named autumn
you have a facebook page

5 feet 8 at the moment of birth
what makes your heart quiver?

squiggly ear curious taller than a kaleidoscope
what sort of thing inspires you?

do you ever wish you were a person?
people! do you ever wish you were a giraffe?

kiko of greenville, you are sooo lovely
eating the leaves from the trees of the giants
seeing the love in everybody’s eyes?

calm presence in a clackety clack world
a living origami painted by van gogh

kiko, someday i’ll see you and we’ll dream of xylophones and music way up high in the sky
and the world goes on and on
Track Name: onset

as soon as i come home
the children have already gone
off to their beds
and i am all alone
with the thought of tomorrow

well, everything was fine
before i set it all aside
i was afraid of what i couldn’t do
and that was part of the problem

i see you
feel you
missed the chance to be the
ways you
were supposed to
be before you left it all behind

don’t get me wrong, i know
this family was no mistake
still, ‘fore i wake each night
the yearning grows
i regret and i’m sorry

tomorrow i will rise
i’ll take a chance and realize
all of this burning inside
and it will

save me
all the world will praise me
i’ll close the door and leave it all

and i will fly an airplane
it will free my mind
until i feel i’ve been fulfilled
or at least until the morning comes
Track Name: kingdoms in a city lost to time
::kingdoms in a city:: ::lost to time::

kingdoms in the city lost to time
there’s a crown floating in a boat with the hull of history’s brightest teeth
there’s a skyline in a vase
the world is growing like a flower
there’s a plane with a kite nearby
the past was seen as progress
the future was simple
now is something to be held in our pockets

we sang into the lightning like thunder
we sang into the rain like tears
we sang into the dreams asunder
we sang into the creature’s ears

there was a kingdom and it was dangling
in the corner of the sky
like a cobweb, like a proverb
we jumped into the chessboard like our lives depended on it
we jumped into the very art deco of it all

all was wood, all was wonder, all was good
all was clockwork, chalkboards and time
all was the lips of time meeting the glass of what is champagne and what is painless
we ran to the towers and looked down at the people
their bones blinked as their shoulders remained shrugging

our eyes met, kingdoms became cities became oceans
we are treasures underneath water
we are jewels and bright gems
we are given everything and more
we are skywriting with glitter in our teeth
we are singing the history books on the roofs of our mouths

we knew a kingdom and soon we knew what a throne was
soon proclamation, soon off with their ideas
power took its toll like a bridge we shouldn’t cross
the other side is drenched in sorry, lime and bitter angels
the kingdom was in our past and our past was in our ear like the seashell screaming listen
and the earth danced on its axis
and the kingdom was sleepy
and the night shed its skin as the kingdom snored
the world looked at the throne with envy
the kingdom looked at the throne with scorn
it’s all in the crown, all in the angle
how you wear your jewels
and how you let the music drip off your fingers

let the past be the past
now is the cup you hold in your hands
time is frozen without your landscape growing

you are a kingdom
you are a queen and a king
you are a jester
you are a servant
dropping life’s dishes at the heels of power

you are everything
you are the sky in a blood shot rose
you are the puzzle piece hanging over the map like a cyclone

you are every moment history has breathed
you are every dungeon
you are every oasis
you are every moat
you are every flight
you are waiting
don’t wait for the bright shiny garment
you are all that you need

history is written in the mouth of the ready
sleep is spoken on the face of the moon
astronomy and kingdoms are two dwellings on life’s coin
and look at the stars

twinkling your name
twinkling your name
twinkling your name
remember your name
you are here singing
you are here to sing
life is the reflection you make sparkling into the moon
Track Name: up is down, down is up
::up is down::
::down is up::

ducks on the sunlight pier
moon shines another year
swirling off the treasure chest
take what you need and leave the rest

the apples in the tress
laugh as the summers sneeze
into the autumn breathes
fragrant needs

singing to earthly woes
grateful to have your toes
running is all you’ve ever known
of laughter

dance into the moonlight clouds
forsake the human crowds
swim into ancient gowns

there is a light above
stars in the sea of love
reflections in the scope of all you mention

there is a place like rain
where every face knows your name
your memory just became a rainbow

looking at the dancing light
don’t give up without a fight
shadows lead before the night is over

up is down and down is up
drinking down life’s full cup
fluorescent is the bike upon your shoulder

sink into the world of sand
just like any other man
catch you in the lap of land
hold my hand